University of Delaware Gives Student Gun Rights Group Money to Buy Bullets

The University of Delaware’s decision to give a student gun rights group money to buy ammunition has sparked controversy recently on the campus.

Tyler Yzaguirre is a student at the University and one of the founding members of the Students for the Second Amendment Club.

"We’re the first pro-constitution, pro-second amendment club at the University of Delaware," Yzaguirre said.

The club regularly holds meetings on gun safety, brings in guest speakers and visits the state gun range in New Castle. Because of these visits, the group asked if it could use part of its university-mandated funding to buy ammunition to practice at the range.

Yzaguirre told NBC10 the group was met with resistance from the university at first.

"First I asked if we could do it and they said no," he said.

The university finally granted the club’s wish after further requests and wrote the group a $500 check.

Yzaguirre said group members planned to buy rifle-calibre bullets.

"You can use it for (an) AR-15," he said.

In light of the national debate on gun control sparked by recent mass shootings, students at the school had mixed reactions to the university’s decision.

"I believe everyone has the right to the second amendment but I don’t think the school should be funding it necessarily," said student Erin Dowd.

The university sent NBC10 the following statement regarding its decision: 

"The University of Delaware's Allocation Board maintains a procedure for funding its 350-plus registered student organizations.  

"The Students for the Second Amendment group followed the proper procedure; the Allocation Board reviewed the request and determined it met the necessary criteria for funding. 

"The University prohibits the possession, storage, or use of firearms or ammunition on University property. The ammunition purchased by the students will not be stored on campus."

Yzaguirre, who is licensed to carry firearms in the state of Delaware, told NBC10 he and another member will store the ammunition in their off-campus apartments.

While Yzaguirre believes the University of Delaware would be safer if he and other responsible gun owners were allowed to carry on campus, he called the school’s decision to allow the group to buy ammo a "good first step."

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