The Restaurants New York Locals Love the Most Have Been Revealed

Wondering where the locals eat in New York City? TripAdvisor has used mobile location data to determine the most visited restaurants by local residents

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Robyn Lee/Roboppy's Flickr
Balthazar bread: So delicious we'd eat just the crusts.
Ralph Daily/ Flickr
Balthazar, 80 Spring St., serves traditional French fare from breakfast through dinner. It is known as the go-to spot for group outings and is praised by diners for its lively atmosphere. The SoHo restaurant is one of the most visited NYC restaurants by both travelers and local residents, according to TripAdvisor. More on Balthazar here.
Joe Benjamin / Flickr
Pershing Square, 90 E 42nd St., is an American-style bistro across from the bustling Grand Central Terminal. Diners love the popular eatery for its tasty breakfast and brunch menus. Pershing Square was among the top three most visited restaurants by New York locals, according to TripAdvisor. More on Pershing Square here.
Dan Dickinson / Flickr
The Dead Rabbit, 30 Water St., dubs itself the "world's best bar." The taproom and parlor serves up small plates and vintage cocktails. The busy cocktail bar is a favorite for it's friendly staff and service. It was also among the most visited bars by NYC locals, according to TripAdvisor. More on The Dead Rabbit here.
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