Thursday Watch List: 30 Rock Turns 100

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and braid your grandpa’s back hair. LET’S GO!

30 ROCK – 10:00PM (NBC) It’s a good week to be Tina Fey, what with her book “Bossypants” rocketing up the bestseller lists and being hailed around the world as the world’s humblest feminist icon. But it gets even BETTER, for tonight marks the cherished 100th episode for Fey’s “30 Rock.” Which means Fey will soon be rolling around in some of that sweet, sweet syndication money. Tune in tonight as Fey and co. celebrate with a full hourlong episode, and then presumably retire to the green room to light cigars with hundred dollar bills and have gold coin fights. ANTICIPATION: MILESTONE!

TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY – 10:00PM (E!) Your subject for THS tonight is former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Boy, they really stretch the “Hollywood” part of that title pretty far, don’t they? You basically qualify for a THS special if you’re famous and you’ve done something stupid. ANTICIPATION: PALINMANIA!

AMERICAN IDOL – 8:00PM (FOX) Along with seeing someone get the boot tonight, you also get a special guest performance from the lovely Katy Perry. And look at “Idol” pulling in the big stars for their results shows this season. I think the fawning nature of this season’s panel has made the show a magnet for big-name acts. If celebrities like anything, it’s a place that’s free of candid appraisals. ANTICIPATION: GURLY!

THE OFFICE – 9:00PM (NBC) I dare say I agree with lofty NFL columnist Peter King in saying that Will Ferrell’s guest turn on this show last week was disappointing. It’s like they just tossed Ferrell out there and told him to improvise for twenty minutes and then called it a day. In fact, I’m quite sure that’s exactly what they did. There does need to be some semblance of structure when you do these things, you know. We’ll see if Ferrell’s second episode gets a bit smoother. ANTICIPATION: SECOND CHANCE!

ROYAL WEDDING OF A LIFETIME – 8:00PM (Lifetime) Still amping up for the royal wedding? Peep Lifetime’s three consecutive hours of pregame coverage this evening, including a look at possible wedding dress choices for Kate Middleton, possible choices for the cake (diamond frosting! Tastes so rich!), and a look at the differences between Kate and Princess Diana. And I think the main difference is that Kate was prepared for this kind of meticulous lunacy, and her predecessor was not. ANTICIPATION: ROYAL!

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