The Best of “Sex and the City” Fashion

In anticipation of "Sex and the City 2," which opens this weekend, check out some of Carrie's fashion highlights over the years.

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From tutu skirts to that spectacular wedding dress, Carrie Bradshaw's style is consistently anything but conventional. In anticipation of "Sex and the City 2," which opens this weekend, check out Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte's fashion highlights over the years.
Throughout "Sex and the City 2," Samantha, Miranda, Carrie, and Charlotte sport high-gloss, high-fashion ensembles, complete with matching high-end accessories.
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Back in the '90s, however, the "Sex and the City" gals were sexy, but had a much simpler aesthetic.
Carrie Bradshaw has long been the most fashion-forward of the bunch, favoring avant-garde design -- in this case, John Galliano's iconic newspaper-print dress -- over a simple daytime frock.
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The ultimate example of Carrie's couture-leaning taste was the over-the-top Vivienne Westwood dress she wore for her first attempt to walk down the aisle with Mr. Big. A cocktail version of the same dress priced at more than $9,000 sold out in hours on Net-a-Porter.
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One of Carrie's signatures are big, puffy skirts like this purple piece that she paired with a campy "J'Adore Dior" T-shirt in the latest movie.
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Back in the days when Sex and the City was only a TV show, Carrie still had a flair for volume when it came to skirts: This tulle tutu-like piece even appears in the show's opening credits.
Later in the series, she sported a similarly ballerina-inspired green skirt. Carrie was one of the first to start the trend of pairing high-end skirts with a casual t-shirt or tank top for an effortless brand of chic.
In the first "Sex and the City" movie, Carrie took the look up a notch, sporting a full-skirted dress with a petticoat underneath.
Carrie later stepped out in a full-skirted strapless dress embellished with floral details.
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Who could forget the spectacular tiered white skirt Carrie wore on one of her early dates with Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky?
The fashion seems to be trending back to the basics in "Sex and the City 2," which opens this weekend, where we find Carrie frolicking in a number of dresses that are decidedly less lavish. SJP was recently appointed creative director of Halston, and several pieces from the line's lower-priced collection, Halston Heritage, appear in the film. Case in point: this crisp white V-neck number.
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The bohemian-inspired purple pleated dress by Halston Heritage also appears in the movie.
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Becoming a creative director makes sense for SJP considering she is a major trend setter. Carrie launched a serious trend when she topped off a simple white tank with a massive flower pin in one of the episodes of the TV show. The look may have been bold, but soon floral pins crept up in department stores everywhere.
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Stylist Patricia Field and the organizers of the show paid tribute to that floral trend with a white dress embellished with an over-the-top flower that Carrie wore at the start of the first "Sex and the City" film.
Carrie was even one of the earliest adventurers in the world of print mixing: In this episode, she paired a starry spring jacket with a bold black-and-white floral skirt.
This time a simple base palette of green is echoed across two different prints -- one on a jacket, and one on a dress.
Of course, when one is as adventurous as Carrie, mistakes are occasionally made, as seen with this animal-print skirt and grungy plaid scarf.
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In the latest "Sex and the City" movie, the merry band of Carrie and crew venture to Abu Dhabi, where Carrie gets to experiment with a chic little turban.
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Of course, this isn't the character's first go-around with adventurous headgear: Carrie sported all manner of headscarves during various episodes of the TV show, sometimes paired with unfortunate prom-like dresses.
Other times, she'd get the head scarf just right, like this preppy look from a later episode of the show.
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Another look Carrie has become famous for is the mini dress. In one of the show's more popular episodes, Carrie wears a simple tan number to a gallery opening that features a portrait of the ordinarily conservative Charlotte's - ahem - lady parts.
Other eensy dresses featured flapper-ish fringe and slim spaghetti straps.
This '60s-inspired cut had a flattering flared shape that showed off Sarah Jessica Parker's great-looking gams.
Some of Carrie's pieces never became victims to trends and stood the test of time through the television series into the film franchise. The long fur, for example, that Carrie wears on New Year's Eve has had a long history.
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Back in the early days of the show, Carrie paired the jacket with a chic clutch instead of sweat pants.
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In a similar early episode, Carrie lounges on her stoop in the jacket wearing some eye-catching boots and carrying a Christian Dior shopping bag.
Similarly, one of the most note-worthy pieces in the first "Sex and the City" movie wasn't a dress or even shoes, it was a simple studded belt that made its way into more than a few of the movie's outfits.
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