L.I. Businessman Builds $175K “Sex and the City” Closet for Wife

For fans of "Sex and the City" who ever envied the ridiculously spectacular closet that Mr. Big gave Carrie Bradshaw, prepare to turn green: According to The New York Post, a retired Long Island businessman hired "Sex and the City" set designer Lydia Marks to recreate Bradshaw's closet for a whopping $175,000.

The new closet, which apparently used to be a guest bedroom, now reportedly features "more than 400 pairs of designer shoes, dozens of handbags, racks of clothes organized by label, as well as drawers full of oversized sunglasses and bling."

Even sunglasses have their own drawers in this fantasy closet, and the shoe section is described by Marks as being "similar to Carrie's," though she was quick to note: "Our client's is much bigger."

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