Beauty How-To: Olympic-Ready Nail Art at Valley Nails

Karen Chonula of Valley Nails shows us how to create a standout look with silver, bronze and gold.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
With the London 2012 Games right around the corner, we've had mixed metals like silver, bronze and gold on the brain. We worked with Valley Nails' artist Karen Chonula for an Olympic-ready nail look. Step 1: To start, prep nails with a clear base before applying a shock-white polish to the index and ring fingers of both hands.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 2: Apply a shimmery silver polish to the thumb of one hand. To mix up the look, coat the shiny metallic hue on a different nail on the opposite hand.
Catherine Bliar Pfander
Step 3: Karen used a coppery bronze polish with a hint of shimmer on the middle fingers of both hands.
Catherine Bliar pfander
Step 4: A super-bright gold with lots of glitter finishes the mixed-metallic look. Here, Karen applies a coat of gold to the right thumb. Repeat the process on both hands with a strong second coat.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 5: Drip a few droplets of your gold polish onto a dish or glass surface. Gently dab a fine-tipped artist brush (available at any art supply store) in the paint before creating the Olympics' iconic interlocked rings on the ring finger.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 6: Working from a reference image of the Olympic torch, Karen carefully paints a triangular cone shape on the tip of the index finger using the gold polish.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 7: Karen uses the warmer bronze hue to create the sharp geometric outline of the torch flame.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 8: For a hint of extra sparkle, Karen outlines the flame in sparkling silver polish before applying a final clear coat to protect the design.
Catherine Blair Pfander
If there were a nail art Olympics, Karen's finished look would take home the gold.
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