The Season is Bright for LED Lights


It seems that 2009 is the year that shoppers really warmed to LED lights. According to iSuppli Corp., LED revenue will expand by 10.9 percent in 2009 to reach $7.4 billion. That's up from $6.7 billion in 2008. This includes the use of LEDs for general home lighting, as well as for decorative use.

"The LED industry is on the threshold of a new expansion phase--a phase that will be characterized by growth rates in the high double digits during the next three years," said Dr. Jagdish Rebello, director and principal analyst at iSuppli.

LEDs aren't just gaining ground in the home, says iSuppli, but are increasingly used in automotive, traffic, and street lighting. They're also present in backlit LCDs for mobile devices, GPS navigators, and large TVs. While LED bulbs still cost more than traditional incandescents, customers are becoming more aware of the power savings and lifelong benefits of solid-state LED lights.


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