The 7 Syfy Channel Reality Shows We Want to See

Kevin Smith, among others, deserves his own show

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Just as the fervor over the Sci Fi Channel's name change to Syfy has started to die down, a rumor has come out that they're looking into expanding their reality television slate, which currently consists of Ghost Hunters. (If you can call that reality.) Once again, genre television fans are in an uproar, and Jimmy Kimmel isn't helping things by envisioning cooking show Iron Man Chef. But here are seven shows (in the seven main reality categories) we, as geeks, would actually like to see on Syfy, and we think that the geek community at large would like them, too.

Talk: The Kevin Smith Show
Acclaimed geek auteur Kevin Smith -- whose advance reviews of Watchmen and Star Trek had geeks in a frenzy -- would be perfect for talking to sci-fi and fantasy creators and talent. After all, he's been known to pull seven-hour Q&A sessions, and will do a 24-hour Twitter Q&A this week. Someone just needs to remind him to let the guest talk sometimes, too, and to stop Twittering during taping.

Survival: Lord of the Flies
Incorporating elements from the William Golding book of the same name as well as the TV series Lost, 16 strangers would wake up on an island with mysterious natives who set up bizarre challenges for them to compete in. The winner gets the conch shell and is leader. The loser is fed to the smoke monster. The last one standing wins.

Cooking: Medieval Kitchen
What if the Iron Chefs didn't have all of those fancy burners and blenders and deep-fryers to cook with? In this competitions series, chefs have to make delicious meals using only what was available in a kitchen in England during the Middle Ages. As an added challenge, a pair of dueling knights will occasionally wander through the kitchen, spilling dishes and forcing the chefs to scatter.

Race: Earth Trek
Similar to The Amazing Race, celebrity pairs from various genre TV shows and movies have to race from one famous filming location -- Luke Skywalker's boyhood home in the Tunisian desert, Frodo's shire in New Zealand, the town square from Back to the Future -- to another to win money for charity.

Dance: Dancing With the Stargates
With another Stargate series starting on Syfy this fall, there have to be enough cast members, past and present, to fuel at least a few seasons of this dance competition. The stars would be paired up with professional dancers, and they'd dance to various sci-fi and fantasy themes as well as music from different alien cultures depicted in genre movies and TV.

Dating: Nerd Con-nection
At comic book conventions around the country, the producers would try to set up a geeky girl with one of three geeky male suitors, based on their interests in movies, television, literature, comic books, video games and live-action role playing.

Talent: The Next Syfy Network Star
In this talent competition, actors who have played supporting or even bit parts in genre TV shows and movies compete against each other to win a role in a new SyFy show in development. They will be graded on dramatic readings, self-costuming, playing evil versions of themselves and light stunt work, like rolling behind a stack of crates to fire a laser at an opponent.

What do you guys think -- do reality shows belong on Syfy?

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