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The Time is Meow: Clear the Shelters Hosts ‘Bark Week'

Google Meet partners with Clear the Shelters for a virtual animal meet and greet on Aug. 11 in Philadelphia

Clear the Shelters hosts Bark Week, a virtual meeting of shelter pets available for adoption powered by Google Meet, takes place from Aug. 10 to 14.

Clear the Shelters “Bark Week” powered by Google Meet is showcasing shelter pets with the hopes of virtually connecting available animals with adoptive families across the country.

The "Bark Week" event takes place in Philadelphia on Aug. 11 at 4 p.m. EDT online.

Imagine online speed dating but with animals.

Event host Jacque Reid will highlight shelter pets that are in need of forever homes from the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Attendees are welcome to submit questions in the chat, and the shelter representative will answer questions about the animal on camera.

Links to the shelter’s website and animal biographies will be available in the chat. 

Clear the Shelters "Bark Week" is taking place nationwide from Aug. 10 to 14 in Huntington (New York), Philadelphia, Chicago, Pasadena and Irving (Texas). Advance registration is encouraged.

Now in its sixth year, Clear the Shelters, an initiative of NBC Owned Televisions Stations and Telemundo Local Group, has facilitated more than 410,000 shelter pet adoptions across the United States. This year, the "Adopt & Donate" monthlong campaign has gone virtual and has more than 1,000 participating shelters.

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