The Death Stars' Destruction and Star Wars Financial Woes

Destroying two Death Stars is bad business.

When the Rebel Alliance destroyed two Death Stars in the original "Star Wars" trilogy, the galactic economy would have taken such a hard hit that it would make apocalypse America's recent Great Recession, according to an academic paper published on Tuesday and reported by NBC News. 

Zachary Feinstein's paper,"It's a Trap: Emperor Palpatine's Poison Pill," concludes that the money needed to build two planet-sized weapons of mass destruction would require the galactic government to borrow large amounts of money from the bank. And they wouldn't have time to pay it all back since they soon lose to the Rebel Alliance, Feinstein concludes. 

This would leave the banks with a shortfall of more than $500 quintillion.

The Rebel Alliance would have to bail out the Imperial banking sector to prevent a devastating economic collapse. But the victors wouldn't have enough money to float such a bill, leaving the galaxy's economy in complete disarray. But hey, maybe Luke Skywalker can take a mortgage out on his light-saber.

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