How To: The Breakup Text App

An app called Breakup Text lets users end a relationship via text message.

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Jake Levine
The Breakup Text app relies on gender, relationship seriousness and breakup cause to generate the "perfect" breakup text message. Click through to see how it works.
Jake Levine
Let's get started. The app prompts you to choose your breakup victim from your contacts prior to answering questions.
Jake Levine
Now, select your significant other's gender.
Jake Levine
Were you two "friends with benefits" or ready to walk down the aisle?
Jake Levine
Why has the spark faded?
Jake Levine
Your text is ready to go. This one was created after opting to end a "casual" relationship because of "meeting someone new."
Jake Levine
This one was generated after choosing to end a "serious" relationship due to "lost interest."
Jake Levine
And you can tell all your friends about it or choose to break up again...
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