The 2018 Winter Olympics in Photos

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Check out all the action from the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

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[NATL] The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony in Photos

[NATL] Feb. 25 Olympics Highlights in Photos: 'Garlic Girls' Falls to Sweden in Curling, OAR Wins Hockey Gold

[NATL] Feb. 24 Olympics Highlights in Photos: US Takes Gold in Men's Curling, Silver in Big Air

[NATL] Feb. 23 Olympics Highlights in Photos: Russian Skaters Fight for Gold, Canada Brings Home First Women's Medal Since 2010

[NATL] Feb. 22 Olympics Highlights in Photos: US Dominates in Women's Hockey, Men's Halfpipe, Advances to Finals in Curling

[NATL] These Baby Olympians Are Ready for Gold

[NATL] Feb. 21 Olympics Highlights in Photos: US Speedskating Medal Drought Ends, Cross-Country Skiing Record Broken

[NATL] Fashion Watch: Best (and Worst) Figure Skating Outfits of Pyeongchang

[NATL] Feb. 20 Olympics Highlights in Photos: Shibutani Siblings, Brita Sigourney Win Bronze

[NATL] Feb. 19 Olympics Highlights in Photos: Germany and Canada Tie for Bobsled Win, France's Wardrobe Malfunction

[NATL] Feb. 18 Olympics Highlights in Photos: Nick Goepper Wins Silver, Kenworthy Crashes

[NATL] These US Athletes Won Medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics

[NATL] Lindsey's Odd Eggs, Chloe's Chocolate Pancakes and More Favorite Foods of Team USA

[NATL] Feb. 17 Olympics Highlights in Photos: Nathan Chen's Multi-Quad Comeback, Krueger Ends U.S.'s Medal Drought in Speedskating

[NATL] Feb. 16 Olympics Highlights in Photos: Disappointing Showing for Team USA; Vincent Zhou Pulls Off Quad Lutz

[NATL] Norway's Curlers Are No Strangers to Fun Pants, Enjoy 'Turning Heads'

[NATL] Feb. 15 Olympics Highlights in Photos: Shiffrin Wins Gold

[NATL] Feb. 13 Olympics in Photos: US Takes Gold in Halfpipe, Skiing Wipeouts

[NATL] Feb. 12 Olympics in Photos: Mirai Nagasu Makes History, Anderson Wins Gold

[NATL] Feb. 11 Olympics in Photos: Snowboarder Wins First Medal for US, Luge History

[NATL] Red Gerard First to Win Medal for US

[NATL] Funny Faces of Figure Skating

[NATL] Feb. 10 in Photos: First Medals Awarded, N Korean Cheer Squad Cheers on Korean Ice Hockey Team

[NATL] Flags, Fireworks and a Tiger Puppet: the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Photos

[NATL] Feb. 9: Highlights From the Pyeongchang Olympics

[NATL] Feb. 8: Mixed Doubles Curling Kicks Off the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games

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