The 2011 Super Bowl Ad Preview!

Can’t wait to see this year’s batch of Super Bowl ads? Lucky for you, many advertisers go ahead and post their Super Bowl ads online before the game even airs. Let’s have a gander at what you can expect to see in between, you know, football and whatnot.

GM – Bumblebee

Here’s one of eight GM spots running during the Super Bowl. This one’s for Chevy, and it’s a tie-in with the upcoming “Transformers 3”. In fact, it’s a better ad for that film than it is for Chevy itself, because everyone knows the future of Chevy is the Volt, and not bright yellow sports cars that no one actually buys. The effects are well done, though. I expect a lot more Volt ads from them during the telecast.

Motorola – 1984

This Motorola ad takes aim right at Apple and declares that 2011 looks a lot like 1984 (a reference to Apple’s iconic Mac ad from that year). The supers say, “One authority. One design,” over a planet with two iPod earbuds on the other side. Basically, they’re saying Apple rules your life, which is A) kind of wrong, and B) a better message for Apple than it is for Motorola.

Bud – Horse and Scorpion

Ooh! Ooh! What’s gonna happen to the horsie?! I hope he doesn’t get stung! Bud always knows animals and beer win your heart.

GoDaddy – The Contract

Here’s GoDaddy doing their annual thing where they imply that Danica Patrick will be naked on their website and then you go to their website and she isn’t naked.  Oh, and they toss in Jillian Michaels this year, just to mix things up. - Talking Cars

The cars talk! It’s just like that Pixar movie, only REAL! Kind of real. Realer, I guess.

Audi – Goodnight

Here’s Audi spending what looks like $5 million in production costs and director’s fees alone to tell you that Mercedes makes musty old luxury cars and Audi makes cool hip new awesome luxury cars. Because you can afford a luxury car, right? Can’t you? No? Well, just throw it on your Discover card. Everything will work out somehow!

There will also be a Lipton claymation ad featuring Eminem (sounds actually decent!) and a Best Buy ad featuring Ozzy Osbourne, Justin Bieber and Danny Trejo (not as much). Plus those delightful movie trailers. Ah, movie trailers. You never cease to disappoint, even if the films you’re teasing always do. Be on the lookout for trailers for “Thor,” “Captain America,” “Super 8,” “Cowboys and Aliens,” and “Pirates 4." And enjoy your Super Bowl, everyone.

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