Texas Boy, 11, Has IQ of 148, Member of MENSA

Jaxon Cota is 11 years old and has an IQ score of 148.

When he was only 9 years old, he was admitted into MENSA and does high school level math for entertainment when he gets bored, according to NBC News.

"Numbers have always just kind of stuck out to me," Jaxon says. "There are just so many things about numbers that are fascinating and so many things to learn."

When Jaxon was two, he started to read numbers like "78" on a thermostat or "350" on his mother's oven. It was then that he started reading numbers up to fifteen digits long.

"There's a rhythm to numbers," said Jaxon's father, Matthew Cota. "And just something about that is, in a weird way, very simple for him."

Today, Jaxon competes in math competitions and his love for numbers has overflowed into a love for baseball. 

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