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Teresa and Joe Giudice No Longer Working With Their Lawyers, Legal Crisis Consultant Reveals

Just one day after they broke their silence about their prison sentencing, E! News has exclusively learned that Joe and Teresa Giudice are no longer working with their lawyers.

"There is no need, their lawyers' job is done," Wendy Feldman, the reality couple's legal crisis consultant told us.

"Right now, all they need is a conviction expert, which is what I do. They will not appeal the case. As part of their plea agreement, they can't."

And as far as where Teresa--who needs to check in on Jan. 5--will serve time? Feldman says it's too far in the future to know those details.

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"It is way too soon to say where Teresa will be serving time. Normally, the Bureau of Prisons does not notify you until two weeks before you surrender. It all depends where there is capacity at the time."

Last week, the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star was sentenced to 15 months, while her husband was given 41 months.

And during Andy Cohen's special "Watch What Happens Live" interview, the two spoke for the first time about the plea deal agreement and how they're feeling since the shocking sentencing.

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"I thought my lawyer was going to fight for me. I mean, that's what lawyers do. I don't know. That's why you hire an attorney," the 42-year-old mother said. "You put it in their hands. I mean, whatever they wanted from me--believe me--I followed their direction. Whatever they wanted, I gave them. I'm not trying to hide anything."

"Whatever I needed to do, I would have [done]. After I left court, I left court. I never spoke to my attorneys. It was done. The judge made a decision."

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