”Stolen” Car, Dog Found After Man Reminded Where He Parked

From the truth is stranger than fiction files: a Dallas man has been reunited with his classic car and canine companion after he was reminded of where he actually parked.

Peter Watson Fitch reported his old English sheepdog, Bixby, was inside a car that was stolen when Fitch was visiting his sister at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on Monday.

Bixby was waiting inside Fitch’s classic 1976 red Cadillac Coupe de Ville that Fitch believed was parked at one garage at the hospital.

Fitch filed a police report, friends helped to search for Bixby on Facebook, and NBC 5 even broadcast a story about the purloined pooch thought to be inside the classic Caddy.

Do not fret, fair readers, as both the car and canine are safe and sound. Turns out, Fitch had just forgotten where he parked.

Both Bixby and the car were found parked at a different parking garage adjacent to the hospital -- not at the hospital's garage itself.

Someone who saw our NBC 5 story on Bixby had also seen the car and contacted one of Fitch's friends overnight Tuesday.

Fitch, Bixby, and the classic Cadillac have been reunited as of Wednesday morning. Fitch is now talking with Dallas police on how to cancel the stolen car and dog report.

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