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Where’s All the Money? Reported Pay Disparity Between Wahlberg, Williams for Film Reshoots Met With Outrage

All the money in the world? Maybe if you're Mark Wahlberg. Perhaps not if you're Michelle Williams

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All the money in the world? Apparently if you're Mark Wahlberg. Perhaps not if you're Michelle Williams.

A recent report in USA Today that "All the Money in the World" star Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million while co-star Williams was only paid an $80 per diem totalling less than $1,000 for extensive reshoots has several Hollywood stars crying foul on social media.

The film underwent massive reshoots over the Thanksgiving holiday when the studio and filmmakers decided to remove Kevin Spacey from a leading role following allegations of sexual harassment against the star. Spacey was replaced by Oscar winner Christopher Plummer. Williams would go on to receive a Golden Globe nomination for her role.

News of the dramatic pay disparity didn't sit well with many stars on social media, particularly in the wake of the recent #Metoo movement and Time's Up initiative.

NBC News reached out to Wahlberg, Williams and Scott. So far there's been no comment.

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