Sochi-Inspired Snow Day Announcement Goes Viral

Two North Carolina school administrators rapped that classes were cancelled because of all the "ice, ice, baby."

The head of a North Carolina school took inspiration from the Sochi Games--and rapper Vanilla Ice--to craft a memorable snow day announcement, that's racking up YouTube hits.

Michael Ulku-Steiner and his assistant, Lee Hark, explained in an online video message, that classes at the Durham Academy would be canceled Thursday, because of all the "ice, ice, baby"--a riff on the Vanilla Ice hit by the same name.

The pair--one dressed in ski goggles, the other in a Team USA Olympic sweater--remained straight-faced as they rapped to the tune of Vanilla Ice's 90's single:

"Slate falling down like a million missiles, bringing school delays and early dismissals."

The video, posted to YouTube, had nearly 160,000 hits by 10 a.m. ET. Comments posted to the page mostly praised the administrators' fun approach to a snow day message. "That's how we close school in NC," one commenter wrote.

A message on the school's website directed viewers to the YouTube page for the duo's musical announcement. 

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