San Francisco

Sleepy Riley Curry Rejects Dad's Post-Win Kiss

Normally, the Bay Area's most popular 2-year-old is telling her daddy to be quiet, or sticking gum in a PR's guys hand before yanking down a press conference curtain.

But, on Tuesday night, Riley Curry, daughter of Warriors guard Stephen Curry, might have been suffering a little jet lag after her trip to Cleveland from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The typically spunky toddler definitely looked sleepy on the biggest sports-related night of her father's life after the Dubs beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

As Curry smiled from ear to ear, and mom Ayesha Curry jumped for joy, Riley's eyes looked a little droopy and she barely said a word. The clincher though? As Dad leaned in to give his daughter a kiss, she pulled away, rejecting him.

She was able to pull out a small smile, albeit with her tongue out, a little later, posing formally with the team's golden trophy with her family.

Riley Curry fans were forgiving though. The San Francisco Chronicle tweeted out "Let's be real, Sleepy Riley Curry the highlight of the Warriors trophy presentation."

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