Skier Survives 800-Foot Fall

A Wisconsin man was in critical condition after surviving an 800-foot fall while skiing in Wyoming.

Ryan Redmond, 33, was skiing with pals in Grand Teton National Park Saturday when he plunged off of the south facing of Middle Teton, park authorities told Reuters. Another skier called rangers from a cell phone and Redmond was taken down the mountain in a litter suspended by 200 feet of rope from a helicopter.

Redmond was then airlifted to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, where he was in critical condition in the intensive care unit. Redmond was unconscious during the rescue and had not regained consciousness, said Jack Shea, director of Teton Science Schools in Jackson, where Redmond was a volunteer through the AmeriCorps program.

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Doctors are “guardedly optimistic” about Redmond’s prognosis, Shea told the Idaho State Journal.

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