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‘My Baby Got Shot!' Mom, Dad Describe Block Party Mayhem That Nearly Tore Family Apart

A drive-by shooting that injured 10 during a West Philadelphia block party in honor of Father’s Day nearly left a dad without two of his children.

"It's a blessing though that they made it, seriously" said Tyrone Jones, who helped organize the block party on the 4100 block of Ogden Street.

Jones’ 1-year-old daughter Ashley was the youngest victim – struck twice by shotgun pellets – of the shooting during the picnic Saturday night

"We just heard shots and I got up, I picked my baby up and I just started running," said Valerie Jones, the girl’s mother. "I panicked and I just started screaming, 'my baby got shot, my baby got shot.'"

Ashley wasn’t the only one hit. Gunfire struck Valerie Jones in the arm and struck Tyrone Jones’ adult son twice in the head and once in the side.

Amazingly all members of the Jones family were expected to fully recover  – young Ashley was even back to sipping on juice boxes by Sunday afternoon.

"She doing great, thank God, the hospital did a good job," said Valerie Jones.

The girl's father was angry that two men, one with a shotgun, would open fire on a family-oriented picnic then just drive away.

"To get my family shot up like that for nothing," said Jones. "None of my kids are coming back here and I'm not coming back here."

Police continued to search for the shooters, the other man possibly fired a handgun, who fled in a gold sedan.

"It looks like they just randomly fired down the street and hit anyone in their way," said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker.

Southwest Detectives are urging anyone with information on the shooting to call 215-686-3183/84.

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