Sentence Upheld for Pennsylvania Rapist Who ‘Enjoyed the Hunt'

Police say they found the suspect's diary in which he wrote and drew about rape fantasies and said, "I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize."

An appeals court has upheld the maximum 10- to 20-year prison sentence for a Pennsylvania man who tried to rape a real estate agent and claimed in his diary to "truly enjoy the hunt."

Frank Yeager, 33, appealed claiming his attorney was ineffective in not challenging his confession to police in the November 2012 attempt.

According to a complaint, the real estate agent reported to police that a man, later identified as Yeager, asked to be shown a model home but did not want to know any details of the home or its price, The Morning Call reported. The agent told investigators Yeager was acting strangely and she did not feel comfortable going with him to show him the home. She told him he could see the home without her and he went, staying inside the house for 45 minutes.

The agent said Yeager then returned to her office and told her there was a water leak in the home, asking her to go with him so Yeager could show her the leak. The agent refused.

When a male real estate agent arrived at the office, Yeager left abruptly. The agent checked the home and did not find a leak, but noticed the bedroom curtains had been pulled shut and the lights were turned off.

Lehigh County prosecutors say Yeager confessed to police that he faked an interest in the home and tried to get the real estate agent alone to "take advantage of her."

Police found in a diary, in which Yeager wrote and drew about rape fantasies, a note that said, "I know it is wrong but I cannot fight the urges. ... I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize."

Police also found a "rape kit," two handguns, several rounds of ammunition, four knives, a ski mask, gloves, duct tape, a metal chain, padlocks and rope, inside Yeager's truck, according to court records, The Morning Call reported.

The Superior Court rejected the appeal earlier this month.

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