Sandusky Sent to “Life Sentence” Cell

Convicted child-sex abuser will spend most of his days alone in his cell unable to have contact with anyone

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections transferred Jerry Sandusky to the prison cell where the convicted child molester will likely spend the rest of his life mostly by himself.

Sandusky, 68, was sentenced earlier this month to 30 to 60 years behind bars for sexually abusing 10 boys over a period of years.

The former Penn State assistant football coach will live out his sentence in protective custody at SCI Greene in Waynesburg, Pa. after being sent in an individual transport from SCI Camp Hill where he was being evaluated after sentencing.

“While we normally do not discuss placement of inmates, this individual’s notoriety called for the release of this information,” Corrections Secretary John Wetzel said in a statement from the prison system.

“We make individual decisions based on facts. Given the high profile nature of this individual, coupled with the nature of his crimes, this makes him very vulnerable in a prison setting,” Wetzel said.  “As such, he will be placed in protective custody at SCI Greene to ensure his safety while in custody.”

Prison officials say that protective custody means that Sandusky will spend most of his time alone in his cell -- he will eat all of his meals, receive any prison services and non-contact visits in the cell. He is allowed to possess a TV and radio in the cell.

Sandusky will get one hour of individual exercise five days a week and a shower three times a week -- supervised at all times, officials said.

SCI Greene is the prison that houses many of the state's death row inmates.

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