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Heath & Jake Censored In Italy: Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal both earned Oscar nominations for their roles as gay cowboys in 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain,” but if you live in Italy and tuned in to Italian state TV channel Rai Due on Monday night, you could only find seemingly straight cowboys hanging out on a mountain – as both love scene between Jake and Heath were removed before broadcast, Britain’s The Guardian reported. Critics noted that a straight love scene was kept intact. The Italian television station claims it was an honest mistake, while an Italian senator called the explanation “embarrassing,” and is demanding an inquiry by parliament. Censorship, parliamentary inquiries and public outrage all for a kiss? Sounds like Italy needs Netflix.

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Kate Just Wants To Have Some Guy Friends: Kate Hudson would like the public and gossip Web sites to know that regardless of the men she is spotted with, that she’s single. “I was never single in the industry – when the movies came out and I started getting more jobs, I was always married,” Kate told the British edition Harper’s Bazaar in their January issue. “So the whole thing is very new to me, and it hits you very fast because the publications jump on you. You’re dating everybody you walk around with – you can’t have any male friends. It’s weird.” And what about the men she’s spotted around Hollywood with? “I’m single… I’m totally single.”

“Dancing’s” Lacey Would Strut With A Jackass: And as someone who’s ready not to go at it solo — the “Dancing With the Stars” rumors are already swirling, and dancer Lacey Schwimmer told Us Weekly if the speculation about “Jackass’” Steve-O appearing on the show are true, she would love to strut it with him. “There’s obviously no confirmation. We don’t even know until a few days before the show, but it would be awesome if it were true. I would be totally down to dance with him! I’m not kidding.” Has she seen his show? We hope her dance outfits are stain resistant and she doesn’t mind funny smells.


Another Real Life “Gossip” Couple?: “Gossip Girl” stars Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen were spotted sucking some face recently at a holiday party at Haven in NYC, according to the New York Post’s Page Six. The co-stars reportedly smooched in the corner – and no, cameras were not rolling. A rep for Chace denied the events. But with Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr spotted kissing and Blake Lively and Penn Badgley continuing their romance, can you blame them!

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