Rihanna Obtains a Restraining Order

This is one guy Rihanna definitely doesn't want to stay.

The Unapologetic singer has obtained a temporary restraining order today at Los Angeles Superior Court against a man who mistakenly broke into her neighbor's house thinking it was the star's home on Friday.

Ri-Ri has asked the court to order that Steveland Barrow stay 100 yards away until the next court hearing on March 21.

View the court documents

According to Rihanna's restraining order request, Barrow was arrested for breaking into her neighbor's house believing it to her residence.

Barrow, who reportedly claimed he had been invited into the singer's house, "removed various items from the home and slept in a bed thinking it was Ms. Fenty's," along with having numerous pieces of poetry for her, according to court documents.

Rihanna says Barrow has caused her to fear for her safety. The filing states that Barrow, "will go to great lengths to come into contact with (Rihanna) and has no regard for her privacy."

The hearing on March 21 will decide whether to make the restraining order permanent.

Luckily, Rihanna was away celebrating her birthday during the break-in--Take a look!

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