Emily Ratajkowski Condemns Photographer for Publishing Book of Nude Shots Taken During Explicit Photo Shoot

The model said she feels violated as the nude photos taken in the 2012 shoot were never intended to be published in a book.

Actress/model Emily Ratajkowski took to social media Tuesday to condemn a photographer for publishing risque photographs of her taken during a 2012 photo shoot. 

Jonathan Leder, who photographed Ratajkowski in 2012, is releasing a new book full of never-before-seen nude and semi-nude pictures from the shoot.

“She was very, shall we say, comfortable with her body,” Leder writes in the book's forward. “And as far as shoots go, I would say it was fun.”

Ratajkowski shot to fame in 2013 after performing in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" music video. She subsequently acted opposite Ben Affleck in 2014's "Gone Girl" and Zac Efron in 2015's "We Are Your Friends." 

Ratajkowski said it was her understanding the photos from the shoot would only be published in an artful magazine shoot. She said publishing them in this format is "a violation" and an example of what she's opposed to, "women choosing when and how to share their sexuality and bodies."

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