Quentin Tarantino Sues Alan Ball Over Loud Birds

It's "Inglourious Basterds" vs. "True Blood" over noisy feathered friends

Quentin Tarantino is having a hard time writing, and it's all because of "True Blood" creator Alan Ball.

Well, more specifically, because of Ball's menagerie of exotic birds.

According to TMZ, The "Inglourious Basterds" director has filed papers with the L.A. County Superior Court claiming that Ball's birds constitute a noise violation that has "seriously disrupted [his] ability to work as a writer in his home."

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The documents allege that Ball's pets - which includes Macaws - emit a "daily cacophony" of "obnoxious, pteradactyl-like screams." Ball apparently houses his birds in an outdoor aviary on his property.

Tarantino also claims he has approached Ball about the problem, but feels Ball has done little to address the problem.

So far, Ball has not commented on the lawsuit.

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