Donald Trump

What the Tax Win Means for Trump Now and in 2020

Republicans may be able to overcome the President's poor current approval rating

In securing his first legislative victory Wednesday, President Donald Trump demonstrated that he's capable of leading his party in Congress and added another plank to his re-election platform, according to NBC News.

For a large portion of the next 11 months, and the two years after that, Democrats and Republicans will fight over whether the $1.5 trillion tax cut is the best catalyst for the economy, whether more of the relief should have been distributed to the working and middle classes and whether it should have included its repeal of the "Obamacare" tax on people who don't buy health insurance.

"It is a fundamental challenge to this presidency: Can we communicate the good news of the president's economic reforms to counter Democratic spin in the other direction. That may determine whether or not the president is re-elected in 2020," Trump's 2016 campaign advisor Michael Caputo said. 

Trump's supporters say enacting the tax cut is crucial because his 2020 re-election hopes rely heavily on Republicans' ability to keep control of Congress in the midterms. If they lose either chamber, his agenda will stall. If they lose both the House and Senate, his first term could devolve into an impeachment fight.

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