Pa. Synagogue Shooting Suspect Threatened Jewish Groups, Pushed Migrant Caravan Conspiracies

The suspect made a specific threat against Jews on the social network Gab, hours before allegedly conducting the attack

Robert Bowers, the Pennsylvania man accused of fatally shooting 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday morning, posted frequently online about conspiracy theories and made repeated threats to Jews. 

He made a specific threat against Jews on the social network, Gab, just hours before allegedly conducting the attack.

In the post, Bowers said that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a humanitarian aid nonprofit group that provides assistance to refugees, brought immigrants to the United States to do violence against others. 

“Screw your optics, I'm going in," he wrote.

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Bowers also frequently posted about the migrant caravan, a group of several thousand refugees walking to the U.S.-Mexico border from Honduras to seek asylum.

Bowers anti-semitic posts and apparent contempt for the caravan are tied to a viral photo depicting refugees hopping onto the bed of a truck with a Star of David visible on the side.

Conspiracy theories about the image of the truck and anti-semitic comments from other users reposted by Bowers, are still visible on Gab. 

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