Photo of Multitasking Dad Goes Viral

A California father who won over the Internet with a photo that shows him taking care of his daughters insists that he is not doing anything special.

"Don't get me wrong here -- it's a very cute picture, and it's cool when people say so," Doyin Richards wrote in a blog post about the social media flurry. "However, I start to get a little uncomfortable when people want to start planning parade routes for me because of it."

Richards set up a camera and took a photo of himself combing one daughter's hair, with another infant daughter strapped to his chest, to show off to his wife his multitasking abilities. The couple got a good laugh from the picture, Richards said in the blog post. But he did not think it would go viral once he posted it to Facebook and Twitter, he wrote.

Richards published the blog post in October during his paternity leave and he said the photo was shared over 4,800 times, received over 3,000 comments and liked over 190,000 times.

The post, entitled "I Have a Dream: That People Will View a Picture Like This and Not Think It's a Big Deal" was also published this week in the blog and had amassed nearly 400,000 likes as of Wednesday afternoon.

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