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‘Where's My Parachute?' Philly Police Arrest Maskless, ‘Erratic' Passenger on Flight

The plane landed without incident and police arrested the passenger

American Airlines Airbus A320-211 on the tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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A man on a flight from Orlando to Philadelphia Thursday was arrested after he said he "wanted to talk" to the plane's pilot and headed for the cockpit -- all while refusing to wear a mask.

A passenger who was on the plane said the man also said "Where's my parachute?" as he moved up the plane from the back. A flight attendant called out "I need help," and some male passengers moved seats to protect the plane's exit doors.

American Airlines Flight 2392 had already experienced turbulence on its flight from Orlando to Philadelphia International Airport, which usually takes about two hours. During the last half-hour of flight, the few passengers on the plane became aware of the man's behavior, according to the other passenger on the flight.

The man had been sitting near the back of the plane, but slowly moved up a few seats at a time, at one point climbing over a seat back. Flight attendants asked him to stay seated and wear a mask. At one point, a flight attendant retrieved thick plastic ties that could be used as restraints.

American Airlines said in a statement that the man was “exhibiting erratic behavior and making alarming comments."

The man didn't get as far as first class before he was stopped, the observer said. American said he did not “actively attempt to breach” the cockpit door at any time.

The other passender heard the man say "I didn't do anything … I just wanted to talk to him," apparently referring to the pilot.

When the plane landed, Philadelphia Police officers entered the plane and took the man away in handcuffs. No one was injured.

Police said no weapon was recovered.

Authorities did not release the passenger's name.

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