Philly Officer on Horse “Rear-Ended” at Red Light

A Philadelphia Police officer from the city's mounted unit was rear-ended at a red light at Rising Sun Avenue and North 9th Street in North Philadelphia.

"He was actually stopped at the red light when he was rear ended, him and his horse, by a 1996 BMW," said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

The impact caused the officer to fall off the horse and land on the street.

"He appeared to be a little groggy, a little disoriented," said Small, who said the officer also suffered minor injuries to his legs and arms.

The officer, a 17-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police department, was wearing a helmet. He was taken to Temple University Hospital be to checked out.

The horse also suffered injuries his legs, but was standing as police drove him away from the scene of the crash.

The driver of that BMW, a 60-year-old man, stayed on the scene. Police say he did not appear to be impaired and he's currently being questioned by officers.

Witnesses who saw the unusual accident are also talking with police. "It's just unusual where a police officer in uniform on a horse, doing his job, gets rear-ended and struck by a vehicle," said Small.

The horse was taken to Northeast Police Stables, where a veterinarian will be called in to check out the horse and provide any necessary treatment.

Philadelphia's mounted police unit was disbanded in 2004 for budget reasons after 32 years.

The program was revived in 2011 after the police department launched a campaign to raise $2 million dollars.

"They patrol on the streets, they patrol on the sidewalks, they patrol off road and they are assigned pretty much everywhere in the city, especially in the high crime areas," said Small.

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