Philly Officer Caught on Cam Threatening Teen Will be Disciplined: Police

A Philadelphia police officer who was caught on video cursing and threatening a teenager will face disciplinary action, according to police.

A video was posted on Facebook October 17 showing the unidentified officer following a teen boy as he walked home with a group of other teens.

“Big man, do we have a problem?” the officer asks. “Because I notice that you keep trying to make eye contact with me. Is there a problem?”

The teen replies to the officer though from the video it’s unclear what he says.

“Okay, well keep f*****g walking,” the officer replies. “The next time you look me in my f*****g eye, I’m gonna beat the s**t out you!”

The video then ends.

The clip has been shared over 2000 times since it was first posted on Facebook. The Facebook user who posted the clip did not give any description regarding where or when the incident occurred. NBC10 reached out to him for comment. We have not yet heard back from him.

Police told NBC10 they were aware of the incident and the officer in the video will be disciplined for his actions. However, they also did not reveal when and where the incident occurred or what led to it.

According to a law enforcement source, the officer belongs to the 19th District.

A Philadelphia Police official, who did not want to be identified, also commented on the video.

"The video does not reflect well on the officer," the official said. "I have no doubt he had good reason to be exasperated but you have to maintain your professional demeanor."

This story is developing. Stay with NBC10.com for updates.

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