‘Hallelujah': Philly Jesus Baptizes Man in Love Park Fountain

The Christian believer known as "Philly Jesus," who roams Philadelphia dressed in a robe with long hair and carrying a shepherd's cane, baptized a man in the fountain in Love Park on Wednesday night, and says it wasn't his first time performing a baptism.

Michael Grant, a.k.a Philly Jesus, says he dresses up as Jesus in part to attract people to him and discuss the gospel. Spending frequent time in Love Park, Grant met a homeless man there who had “hit rock bottom.”

Grant says the man tried everything and nothing got better, so he wanted to get closer with God. Grant himself has used his faith to overcome a heroin addiction. After a couple weeks of studying gospel together, Grant agreed to baptize the man in the Love Park Fountain, regardless of it being illegal to go in the fountain water.

“He was ecstatic about what was happening, he was filled with inspiration and peace,” Grant said.

An NBC10 camera happened to be in the park at the time and captured the moment on video.

"Hallelujah," proclaimed Grant as he and the man rose from the water. "Praise the Lord," shouted Grant toward the night sky.

Grant says the man feels better now, and is more optimistic about his situation.

Grant says when Pope Francis visits Philadelphia he will be doing what he always does: telling people about God's love.

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