Philadelphia Police Dept. Combines ‘Running Man' with ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm'

They stirred it all together into what amounts to a mockumentary of the viral genre

The Philadelphia police department took the viral video to a whole new level when it posted what amounts to a Frankenstein version of Internet memes — combining the contagious "Running Man" web sensation with Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

They stirred it all together, creating a mockumentary of the viral genre.

The 11 minute, 33-second video posted to the department's Facebook page was written by the PPD's social media guru, Sgt. Eric Gripp, who has become somewhat of a sensation in Philly the last couple years for his absurdist posts. (Who can forget his space cyborg as part of the PPD's #NoSavesies campaign early last year?)

The "Running Man" spoof begins with police Commissioner Richard Ross demanding that the department answer the challenges of other big-city departments that have called Philly out. Dancing inevitably ensues, from officers breaking it down on the Art Museum steps to members of the water rescue unit emerging from the Delaware River in scuba gear and strutting their stuff.

Those with the attention span to watch the entire 11 and a half minutes are rewarded with some great comedy in the second half and even after the credits roll. Without further adieu, Gripp's social media masterpiece ... so far.

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