One of the ‘Housewives' Lands Behind Bars

Locked up: Julie's case was assigned to an old high-school classmate of Susan's, now a detective who still holds a grudge against Susan. Seems Susan dubbed her "Moose" and also stole her boyfriend, and Moose finds more in common with Katherine than Susan could have planned. When Katherine tells the detective that Susan shot her, it's all Moose needs to lock Susan up.

Lying and cheating: Turns out Julie and Nick first met when Julie tutored Danny, and then when they had a chance encounter at a cafe. It turned serious, and when Julie had a pregnancy scare, she called things off. Nick wasn't too thrilled about taking "no" for an answer, and that's when Lynette stumbled in. Julie confessed that Nick was the man she'd been sleeping with, and Lynette and Tom eventually took that information to the police. Angie lied that Nick had been with her and couldn't have strangled Julie, but then punched Nick in the face for cheating on her.

Fractured homeschooling: When Juanita needs to learn fractions, Gaby's homeschooling plan falls apart — until she discovers that the Romanian housekeeper Carlos hired is an expert. But she lies to Carlos about who's really helping Juanita, and he's not happy when he learns the truth.

On top of spaghetti: Angie whips up a delicious Italian meal for Bree and Orson, but at dinner, it's revealed that she's angling to get a cooking job with Bree's company. But later, when a large event needs Angie's kind of hearty cooking, Bree desperately lies about her need for Angie's recipes, then gets caught. She ends up hiring the neighbor, but only after confessing that her own married life is far from the perfection she aspires to.

Singing ‘Soprano’: Those who remember Drea de Matteo when she played Adriana on "The Sopranos" may have had a few flashbacks this week when she cooked up all that tasty looking Italian food. Pass the Parmesan, please.

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