New Subway Ads Ask Commuters to Stop “Manspreading”

The MTA is taking a stand against manspreading.

The subject of angry blog posts and tweets, "manspreading" is just what it sounds like: The act of a man spreading his legs wide on the subway, often taking up more than one prized seat in the process.

The MTA will release new public service ads next month asking men to keep their legs in a more modest position on crowded subway cars.  

The "Courtesy Counts, Manners Make a Better Ride" campaign will also give gentle reminders about proper subway etiquette.

Signs will be placed in subway cars in January, and buses and commuter railroads in February, bearing statements such as, “Poles are for your safety, not your latest routine," and "It's a subway car, not a dining car." 

The manspreading ads will read, "Dude... Stop the spread, please."

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