‘More Is Coming': New S.C. Flood Warnings

Though South Carolina's historically heavy rains have subsided, the state's governor issued a stark warning that more possible flooding is likely, threatening to raise the rain-related death toll in the state over 17.

"The problem is, more is coming," Gov. Nikki Haley said Thursday, according to NBC News.

Swollen rivers are expected to deliver more water to low-lying and coastal areas, with areas south of Givhans Ferry, northwest of Charleston, bracing for possible flooding over the next three days. Once the water comes, areas could remain flooded for up to 12 days, Haley said.

"If someone comes and knocks on your door and tells you to leave — I know you've lived there a long time, I know that all your belongings are there, I know that you might have been through weather related issues before — this is different," Haley said. 

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