Perfectly Disgusting: Netflix's New Horror Film ‘The Perfection' Shocks Viewers

The new horror movie's revolting scenes, like projectile vomit crawling with maggots, were enough to disgust and shock many viewers

Viewers of Netflix’s new horror flick who only expected to witness the romance between two female cellists were in for a disturbing surprise.

The Perfection” follows an elite cellist (“Girls” and “Get Out” actress Allison Williams) as she travels to Shanghai for a competition. While there, she meets and begins a romantic affair with her upcoming artistic rival (“Dear White People” star Logan Browning). The lovers soon embark on a trip through the countryside, but their romance is set against the backdrop of extreme body horror scenes as Browning becomes violently ill.

Scenes depicting Browning’s projectile vomiting, maggots crawling in her vomit and insects moving under her skin were enough to make some viewers almost as sick as the movie’s characters. 

Immediately after the film’s May 24 Netflix release, viewers began tweeting their reactions.

“I got migraine just by watching ‘The Perfection’ on Netflix,” one user wrote. “I wanna vomit.” 

Another Twitter user called the movie “ a bad way.” 

Yet despite the occasional outright negative reactions, many just seemed generally shocked by the film’s plot twists.

“My sister just told me about the plot twist in #ThePerfection and I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep again,” a user tweeted.

Many viewers also praised the cast’s diversity and the plot’s depth, although some called for the inclusion of a trigger warning because of a rape scene.

In an interview with In Session Film, Williams said that films shocking nature was very much intentional on the part of director Richard Shephard.

“The thing about the movie that I love is that you know Richard [Shephard]’s in control,” Williams said. “You know that when you sit down, the person who made this movie is in control of it, you just have no idea where it’s going.”

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