Netflix on Cable? Investors Tune In

Stock soars on rumor

Call this one a peacetime dividend.

Netflix shares, already red hot, soaring again monday on rumors about the Los Gatos company possibly near a deal to find its way onto cable set-top boxes, likely as an app.

A deal like this would push Netflix more towards HBO-like status, as an actual cable channel, rather than a competitor that you'd need wifi to dial up. This way, like HBO, you could tune into Netflix, and watch its streaming programs (like "Orange Is The New Black") simply by clicking your remote.

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No comment yet from Netflix on a possible deal. I should also mention that one of the cable companies rumored to be in these talks is Comcast, the owner of NBC Bay Area, and my boss.

Investors are buying into the idea of such a hookup: Shares of the company (NFLX) are jumping once again, by about $20 a share, again nearing all-time highs. If nothing else, it's yet another reminder of the stunning comeback Netflix has seen on Wall Street, after inverstors soured on the stock back in mid-2011.

We'll keep you posted.

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