Man Saves Pizzas After GPS Strands Him on RR Tracks

Police say delivery man misjudged GPS instructions

This is a lesson for those who blindly listen to their GPS.

A pizza delivery man in Michigan followed the navigation device all the way onto a train track, straight into a train's path.

The car was kneaded into tangled mess, but man and pizza are okay. He ditched the vehicle when it got stuck on the tracks -- and managed to take the pizza with him.

"He saved the pizza," Galien Township Fire Chief Jim Trapp told the Herald Palladium on Monday. "He offered it to us. Of course, we didn't accept it."

According to the paper, local police responded to a 911 call Monday night by a man who said his car was stuck on the tracks. ABC 57 News reported he's 23 years old from Niles, Michigan.

"He was using a GPS" town Police Chief Dale Longacre said. "It said 'turn here,' so he did, and he misjudged and turned onto the railroad tracks and got hung up on the ties."

Police said when they got there and saw an Amtrak's train lights, they advised him to leave. Taking the pizza with him was the delivery man's choice.

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