Space Program Bans Body Odor, Bad Breath: Report

Astronaut hopefuls must fulfill 100 requirements

Those with stinky breath, body odor or runny noses will not be permited to join China's space program, according to a report.

"Bad body odor will affect the colleagues in the narrow confines of a space shuttle," said Shi Binbin, a doctor with the 454th Air Force Hospital.

A runny nose is also grounds for disqualification, according to The AFP citing China's state-run media. .

Prospective astronauts must undergo the intense screenings in order to see if they have what it takes to be a member of the crew that will participate in the nation's first space docking slated for 2011.

The first of three screenings got rid of the weakest candidates who exhibited obvious flaws including scars, which could burst open in space, according to the report.

Those with a family history of illness dating back three generations were also screened out.

Another requirement:  An approving spouse. The report states that no matter how well the candidate had performed, if his or her spouse was opposed having a loved one in space, the deal was off.

China, the third nation to put a man in space, is making plans to build a space station.

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