Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Your Naughty List

Got some naughty folks on your list? We've got ideas for your sinful friends, too.

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Agent Provocateur
VOTIVE STRIP TEASE CANDLES: Give a hint -- and some mood lighting -- to your love with the warm and 'animalistic' (hey, it's what their website says) signature fragrance candles. Starting at $40, Agent Provocateur.
LEATHER POOL CUE HOLDER: Have a hustler in your life? If so, they can't expect to win any money with the bad juju of using the same chalk as the loser. Get them their own chalk with a cool little leather carry case to match. $1.50, IvgStores.
GIN & TITONIC ICE CUBE TRAY: Help your friends keep things cool with these flexible molded ice cube trays. Perfect for those who like their drinks 'on the rocks'. $6.99, Perpetual Kid.
Urban Outfitters
RING BOTTLE OPENER: Never let your loved ones be without the means to open a delicious and refreshing bottled beverage again! The stylish stainless steel ring bottle opener is a perfect gift for beer-swilling fashionistas and guys who think teeth are for opening beer bottles alike. $8, Urban Outfitters.
PASTEASE PASTIES: Once for strippers, pasties are now for everyone! With dozens of shapes and colors to choose form, you can wear these stick-on pasties anywhere. $9.99, Pastease.
Barnes & Noble
THE MODERN DRUNKARD: For those who enjoy a beverage or five, this book deconstructs America's joyless obsession with sobriety and offers today's befuddled drinkers a comprehensive and instructive manual on how to drink... and how to do it well. $14, Barnes & Noble.
BOOTY PARLOR: Give the gift of sexy moments with bubble bath, massage lotion and personal lubricant for your significant (or not-so-significant, we don't judge) other. Starting from $16, Victoria's Secret.
Good Vibrations
ONE NIGHT STAND: You’ll want to keep this package in your night stand for when the time is right. From the good folks at Good Vibrations, this kit features a disposable Screaming O Vibrating Ring and Love Beads, plus gel samples and condoms. $19, Good Vibrations.
I RUB MY FISHY PERSONAL MASSAGER: We're not exactly sure when they started selling 'personal massagers' at Walgreen's, but we doubt anyone is complaining. The fishy is waterproof, so you can rub your (ahem) neck in the bath, pool or spa. And don't worry about putting this toy away, because with the discreet design, no one will be the wiser! $19.99, Walgreens.
ORAL FIXATION MINTS: Tell your friends they can suck it with a BYOB (build your own box) of flavored mints for those in your life with an oral fixation. Oral Fix mints come in fun flavors like '7 Deadly Cinnamon', 'Mojito Mint' and 'Night Lights,' which is a caffeinated chai flavored mint. $30, Oral Fix.
MoMA Store
DECK OF CARDS FLASK: Help your friends hide their gambling habit this holiday by focusing on their drinking problem instead. A deck of cards (included) is discretely hidden inside this stainless steel flask, but sorry folks, you have to buy your own booze. $45, MoMA Store.
Jenifer Lavigne
BRASS KNUCKLES CORK SCREW: Know someone who loves to drink AND fight? This may have been the perfect present, until it sold out. BUT, you can contact the company they will send you an update if and when they make any more. Contact for pricing and availability, Chromoly.
After 5
DESIGNATED DRIVER: Friends don't let friends wait until the 19th hole. Help your loved one enjoy a cool beverage on the green. $49, After 5.
SPY LIGHTER: It's not the slickest looking gift, but it is a real life functional spy lighter with a built in microphone and movie camera! Give your smoking friends something to do during their smoke breaks, or your voyeur friends something to do while being perverts. $180, Ajoka.
Neiman Marcus
TRAVEL HUMIDOR: Don't let your cigar aficionado friends travel out of style. Get them this stylish crocodile-embossed calfskin humidor and cigar cutter. $300, Neiman Marcus.
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