Usain Bolt Talks Marriage, Olympics on ‘Ellen'

The Olympic runner says he has no plans to get married yet

And you thought he was fast on the track.

Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt sprinted away from a question from Ellen DeGeneres about proposing to his girlfriend during an episode scheduled to air Tuesday.

"Everyone's talking about you and your girlfriend" DeGeneres says. "So you'll be married soon it seems."

According to Bolt, his mother wants him to get married. "I'm like, give it some time," he says. He added that his girlfriend isn't pushing him to "put a ring on it."

"She might be thinking it, you never know," Bolt says. "But she's not saying it, so that's good."

Bolt also talks about his Olympic success on the show.

"You're so far [ahead]," DeGeneres says, "Do you worry about the day you aren't as fast as you normally are?"

"You don't tend to worry," Bolt says. "But there are times when you're not your best and you have a little bit of nerves, but one thing I always learned: you've gotta be confident."

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