Tracy Morgan's in Trouble…Again

During a stand-up routine over the weekend, Morgan again made some racy comments

Short days after Tracy Morgan delivered an apology to the LBGT community for an off-color tirade, he’s back on the horse.

During a standup routine in New York City on Saturday, Morgan took the time to address the recent controversy he started, saying it was ridiculous that he, a 42 year old, was homophobic. “My father was the lead singer in the Village People,” Morgan began. “The Indian was my godfather.”

He expanded: “I believe gay, straight, anybody, everybody’s supposed to be happy in this world, man.”

But it was at that point he got in trouble, wandering onto the no-man’s land between comedy and offense. He warned the audience not to get involved with “women who have retarded kids,” The New York Times chronicled.

The audience groaned, but Morgan continued, saying those kids are strong, like “chimps.”

See you on the next apology tour, Tracy.

Selected Reading: E!, NYT, NBC New York

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