“Thor” Thunders Through Box Office


The god of Thunder showed his power at the box office, raking in an impressive $66 million in its opening weekend.

Grossing a respectable $32 million was “Fast Five,” a movie penned by a 5-year-old screenwriter.

The wedding rom-coms (“Jumping the Broom," “Something Borrowed”), much like sour spinsters in the corner at the rehearsal dinner, came in third and fourth, earning around $13 million each.

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Mel Gibson’s sluggish comeback flick, “The Beaver,” was late to the gravy train. The film—starring the very capable Jody Foster—only grossed $104,000 at 22 theaters over the weekend, according to Vulture.

Lesson learned? Comic book movies directed by Kenneth Branagh and sentimental rom-coms with Kate Hudson tend to win after Oscar season is over. Mel Gibson, take note.

Selected Reading: LA Times, Vulture

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