NBC: Secret Service Scandal Triggered by Fee Dispute

The scandal involving U.S. Secret Service agents and Colombian prostitutes began at a strip club, a U.S. official told NBC News. Each of the agents and officers implicated in the scandal are believed to have brought women from the strip club back to their hotel in Cartegena, Colombia, where two service members got into an argument with a prostitute over money, the official said. The two men, who were allegedly both serviced by the prostitute, wanted to split the cost which led to a dispute over $40 to $60. The woman complained to local police, who then contacted the U.S. Embassy, government sources told NBC News. Embassy officials were able to verify, via a hotel guest sign-in book, that the 11 men had brought women back to their room, prompting the Secret Service director Mark Sullivan to call for the immediate return of all agents involved.

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