New Version of “Hawaii Five-O” Keeps Original Theme Song

Some things are classics for a reason.

The brain trust behind CBS's reboot of "Hawaii Five-0" strongly considered updating the show's iconic theme song before deciding to leave well enough alone, according to the New York Daily News.

"We were working on hiring a rock star to rerecord it with an electric guitar," exccutive producer Alex Kurtzman said during a panel with television critics in Beverly Hills Wednesday. He stated that there was a desire to make the audience understand that the new show would be distinct from the Jack Lord-era version.

"But before we could get that done, we realized you can't change the original," he said. So we hired the original people and had them do it and that was the right decision. Why mess with something that's perfect?"

Fans of the original would surely agree. The song, recognizable by its enthusiastic horns and upbeat pace, is a staple of high school bands across the country and serves as the unofficial fight song of the University of Hawaii.

The new show is slated to air this fall and stars Daniel Dae Kim of "Lost" and Grace Park of "Battlestar Galactica."

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