Madonna Unveils Twitter Presence Alongside New Album

The Material Girl is treating her fans to a live chat on Twitter Monday at 10 p.m. ET

Madonna Super Bowl Pop Culture
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Say you're a massive pop star who's also well into her 50s and not very tech-savvy. When do you start tweeting?

The day your new album comes out, of course.

Madonna's MDNA hit stores Monday, and the aging Material Girl has rebooted her approach to publicity by focusing on social media.

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She's treating her fans to a live chat on Twitter Monday at 10 p.m. ET, for a campaign based entirely on social media.

The chat comes on the heels of an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Saturday that broadcast exclusively on her Facebook page.

"The idea was to do things differently," her manager told The Wall Street Journal.

He said a big part of Madonna's plan for a social media reboot was how pressed she was for time — and how much less of it a Twitter chat takes than a photo shoot.

Of course, Madonna's twelth studio album did get one big publicity boost that probably took a lot longer — in the form of a Super Bowl halftime show last month.

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