Justin Bieber Celebrates 2011 By Slapping His Friend Awake


There are nice ways to be waken from a pleasant sleep; harps, Kanye wishing you a good morning, puppies--and bad ways; noisy roommates, traffic and sirens, bed intruders, and so on.

Add to the list of objectionable ways to be brought to reality: being slapped awake by Justin Bieber.

Bieber recently posted a homemade video to ring in 2011, where he places his camera on a nightstand and slaps his sleeping friend, Ryan Butler, wide-awake. Butler, who was woken by said slap, looks around hazily before the video stops. “Sleep is for when your dead bro,” Bieber tweeted with the video.

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Butler, an aspiring editor-slash-director according to his Twitter page, re-tweeted the video, and responded an hour later with a good natured, “Ouch.. Hah.. Back to sleep.”

Looks like there is indeed a “#prankster on the loose,” as Bieber tweeted later.

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